Emilya provides versatile services tailored to individual, group, and sports team needs, offering both virtual and in-person consultations.
She specializes in relieving pain and injuries through comprehensive methods including assisted stretching and guided breathing.
As an experienced trainer, Emilya also conducts workshops and events. Leveraging her expertise in physiology, she employs advanced techniques to help realign mind and body.
Additionally, as a plant-based chef, Emilya conducts plantbased conscious cooking classes and teachings for a unique culinary experience.
Reach out for a consult with Emilya to discuss pricing and best custom options that fit your needs.



Individual, Group, Sports Teams:

In Person, Virtual, or Phone

Work with Emilya 1 on 1 or virtually.

Every month we take on a limited number of private clients to help you assess and identify the root causes of your pain and injuries and teach you the exact protocol needed to eliminate your issues.

These sessions are a combination of assisted stretching, guided breathing, deep relaxation and stress reduction! It is also helps lower inflammation & bloating. well increasing range of motion, mobility, and flexibility.



Workshops & Events:

Private & Public

Bring Emilyas teachings and workshops to you and your team!

With over 10+ years of training experience Emilya enjoys leading and co hosting retreats, corporate events, sports teams and more to cultivate a space for members to tap into their ultimate human potential. As a certified physiologist expert, many call her the Doctor of movement, Emilya helps people realign their mind and body through the most worlds most advanced training methods UHP ultimate human performance , ROM24.  “When we can collectively come for a space of coherence and efficiency everything’s works that much greater!”



Private Plantbased Chef:

Conscious Cooking Classes

Emilya is an experienced plant-based chef offering delicious vegan, gluten-free and plant-based cooking and teaching. With a life-long passion for plant-based foods and a dedication to crafting healthy, delicious dishes from the heart, she brings a level of consciousness and creativity to the kitchen. My passion for mindfulness infuses every aspect of my work. As a plantbased chef she understands the importance of nourishing the body and mind with healthy choices and believes that healing begins within. That conciously prepared plantbased meals have the potential to heal and transform lives. Emilya not only creates one of a kind meals that will leave your taste buds begging for more, she creates a unique plantbased journey through food to enlighten your cells at a higher vibrational frequency.

To set up a culinary experience with Emilya for your private dining or retreat email for further details.